Terms of Website Use and Application Top 5 Rio

1. These Terms of Use of the Website and Application Top5 Rio ("Terms of Use") present the general conditions applicable to the use of the website, hosted under the domain http://www.top5.com.br and application ("Website") both for consultation and for information sharing purposes.

2. The use of the Website is subject to prior acceptance by the user, these Terms of Use, as well as other policies and principles that govern it, as described below. We recommend, for the safety of users, to carefully read these Terms of Use before proceeding with the use of the Website.

3. The Website contains access to pages of links and services that may have separate terms and conditions of use, which should be understood as complementary to this. In case of conflict between these Terms of Use and those provided on other pages of services and content contained on the Website, prevail those of the specific page in question.

4. Any type of change, such as, but not limited to, adding, removing, replacing part of the information contained herein may be made without prior notice or user acceptance. Continued use of this Website after any modification, partial or total, of the Terms of Use shall be deemed acceptance of such changes. In view of this, we recommend periodically checking this page for updates for any possible change.

Limitations of Liability

5. The user is fully responsible for the data provided in the act of registration, responding in any case, the truthfulness, accuracy and authenticity of informed personal data.

6. Will be posted on Website reviews, analyzes, recommendations, and other information produced by the Top5 River, by the users interviewed or partner institutions ("Publications"). The Top5 River, as well as their directors, employees and suppliers are not liable for the content of such publications, or for its use for decision making, including, but not limited to, any loss or damage that the user of this Website will incur as a result of the use of these publications, including but not limited to, quality, hours of operation, values and location of outlets.

7. The Top5 River, as well as its directors, managers and employees generally can not be held liable for any failure, difficulty, failure or interruption in access or use of the Website, systems, applications, content, products or services, or by reason whatever.

Using data

8. You agree, to register on the Website, the Top5 River has access to all your information and data on Facebook, and authorizes the Top5 River use your information, including your profile picture, which may be published on the Website.

Security and Privacy Policy

9. The rules set forth herein are intended to ensure the safety and privacy in the accesses made by users through the Website , as well as the information gathered at registration

10. The user registration data, as well as the history of operations performed through the Website, and interactive activities such as, for example, likes, shares, posts or publications, will be collected and stored in accordance with the strictest standards of security and confidentiality and unless by determining legal, administrative, regulatory or judicial, such information will not be transferred to third parties or used for purposes other than those for which it was collected, or for advertising purposes, statistical surveys, support management plans or marketing and target audience definition.

11. The Top5 Rio can send mail to the address provided by the user, both physical and electronic. If the user is not interested in receiving them, may refuse to send the material through the link that will be made available for this purpose.

12. For administrative purposes, the Website may use cookies, and the user may at any time activate mechanisms in his browser to inform you when cookies are activated or to prevent them from being activated Furthermore, it is important that the user is aware that the Top5 Rio will have access not only to the data entered by users as well as a number of technical information on the navigation. It records such as IP address, browser used, pages accessed, time visit among others. The Top5 Rio can access even the location of the user, if the user has activated its GPS.

13. The electronic password to use the Website is personal, nontransferable and full responsibility of the user, leaving him the care and custody of the same. The user is committed not to disclose to third parties your password, claiming to be solely responsible for any and all due to the use of such codes by third parties.

14. The Top 5 Rio reserves the right to suspend and / or block the use of the password if there is misuse or evidence of their occurrence.

15. Having doubts about the functioning of the security of this Website , please feel free to contact us through our electronic service by email contato@top5rio.com.br .

Assignment of Use Right Image Photography, Texts and other covenants

16. The user can share images and texts produced by it ("Content") on the Website or another platform Top5 River.

17. By sharing the content, the user gives the Top5 River the right to exploit the same, which can be used in exhibitions, promotional marketing events, advertising, as well as any other exploitation, commercial or otherwise, of interest to the Top5 Rio, by any means of communication, for an indefinite period.

18. You agree that the Top 5 Rio can perform creations and issues, without limitation, through the exploitation of the Content.

19. You agree that any Content submitted will be assessed and moderated by Top5 River reserves the right to publish or not. The Top5 River may at any time delete any content that it deems inappropriate.

20. You agree that Content will be owned by the Top5 River, which you can use it freely without any limitation and relinquish it or license it, without limitation territory without any compensation being due to the user.

21. The user declares, for all purposes, which is the sole owner of all rights related to the content and not contracted any obligation with third parties that may prevent him from publishing it.

22. The user is obliged to respond to the Top5 River and third parties for any accusations of plagiarism, infringement of intellectual property rights, image rights, among others, arising from the publication of content, assuming expressly full responsibility for any losses and damage and any expense arising from such charges and / or any convictions.

Locking and Access Restriction

23. The Top 5 Rio may, in its sole discretion to block or restrict access to certain users to the Website.

General provisions

24. The logos and trademarks of the Website are owned by the Top5 River, as well as intellectual property rights, its contents, pages, software and systems. Are expressly prohibited under penalty of law, any use, reproduction, modification, distribution, full or partial publication, commercial or not the material available on this Website.

25. The information and services offered on the Website refer to this date and may be modified, canceled or suspended at any time without notice at the sole discretion of the Top5 River.