Olympic Boulevard

A list of cultural events in the Port Region, the main Live Site of Rio 2016

By Bruna Velon

From August 5th to August 21st, more than 234 events will take place at the Olympic Boulevard, the cultural epicentre of the Rio 2016 Olympics. A three kilometres strip in Porto Maravilha, including Praça Mauá and Orla Conde, as well as Praça XV. There will be Concerts, Djs, and Brazilian artists, to keep the party atmosphere going for thousands of people, all for free. All the stages will show the opening ceremony (on the 5th, at 7:15pm) and the closing ceremony (on the 21st). The events will always take place from 9am to 12am, including broadcasts of the main competitions, in big screens set up around various points. Get your samba feet ready because there’s going to be carnival: samba schools, and carnival street bands will electrify the crowds, a real taste of Rio, which could not have been left out. Check this list with the best attractions of the Olympic Boulevard. 

Palco Encontros

Daniel Maia

This is the main stage that will be in the brand new Praça Mauá, next to Museu do Amanhã.

06th: Mombojó (1pm), Preta Gil (7pm)
07th: Ana Cañas (1pm), Luiz Melodia e Diogo Nogueira (8pm)
08th: Lafayette e os Tremendões (1pm), Dudu Nobre e Ferrugem (8pm)
09th: Jaloo (1pm), Johnny Hooker e Elza Soares (8pm)
10th: Thiago Pethit (1pm), Suricato e  Erasmo Carlos (8pm)
11th: Sinara (1pm), Alice Caymmi e Marcelo Jeneci (8pm)
12th: Lia Sophia (1pm) | Fernanda Abreu e Mart’nalia (8pm)
13th: Silva (1pm), Projota, Rico Dalasam e Marechal (8pm)
14th: Aymoreco (1pm), Pretinho da Serrinha + Maria Rita, Zelia Duncan e Tia Surica (8pm)
15th: Mahmundi (1pm), Cidade Negra e Jorge Aragão (8pm)
16th: Marcia Castro (1pm), Elba Ramalho,Davi e Moraes Moreira (8pm)
17th: Nina Becker (1pm), Serjão Loroza e Marcos Valle (8pm)
18th: Tokyo Day (1pm), Dona Onete, Felipe Cordeiro e Fafá de Belém (8pm)
19th: Felipe Cordeiro (1pm), Paralamas do Sucesso e Nação Zumbi (8pm)
20th: Dream Team do Passinho (1pm), Ester Rada (8pm)
21th: Jamz (1pm), cerimônia de encerramento (8pm)

Praça XV

And there will be off season carnival indeed. Praça XV, a traditional place for the carioca fest, will have the Encontro de Carnavais (Meeting of Carnivals). It will be a combination of samba schools and street carnival bands, always from 3pm to 8pm.  

09th: Paraíso do Tuiuti + Escravos da Mauá
10th: Imperatriz + Me Esquece 
11th:  Salgueiro + Imprensa que eu Gamo
12th: Mocidade + Carmelitas
13th: Portela + Bola Preta
14th: São Clemente + A Rocha
16th: Vila Isabel + Timoneiros da Viola
17th: Grande Rio + Barbas
18th: Unidos da Tijuca + Suvaco do Cristo
19th: União da Ilha + Desliga da Justiça
20th: Beija-Flor + Simpatia é quase amor
21th: Mangueira + Cordão do Boitatá.

Besides the carnival events, Praça XV will hold one more concert a day, at Palco Tendências, besides broadcasting the official games.

06th: Charles Theone – Pra Sambar Maracatu (4pm)
07th: Roda de Samba da Pedra do Sal (3pm)
08th: Afrojazz (4pm)
09th: Janaína Moreno (4pm)
10th: Noga Erez (4pm)
11th: Allen Jeronimo e a Rave de Raiz (4pm)
12th: MC Nyl (4pm)
13th: Viemos Do Egito  (4pm)
14th: Sexteto Sucupira (3pm)
15th: Cassiano e Trio Beija-Flor (4pm)
16th: Rita Lima (4pm)
17th: Dub Ataque (4pm)
18th: Tokyo Day (4pm)
19th: Afro Rio (4pm)
20th: Baile Black Bom (4pm)

Palco Amanhã

Alternative Brazilian music will be the highlight of this space having bands, DJs, and parties, daily. The concerts start at 5pm Monday to Friday, and at 6pm on Sundays. The broadcasting of the opening ceremony, on the 5th, is scheduled for 7:15pm. Among the high points of the events are Larissa Luz (5th), Festa Selvagem (6th), Do Amor (12th), Matheus VK (15th), Mãeana (18th) and Desumanos (20th). What you really can’t miss is the closing event with the Festa do Baile do Viaduto de Madureira, on the 21st .

Street Art

The Tá na Rua Institute and the Escola Carioca do Espetáculo Brasileiro are going to invite several artists and street groups to put on 238 shows, including juggling, plays, music, dancing, and mime, during the 18 days of the Olympic Games, in many different places. Besides that, people will be able to appreciate the biggest graffiti mural in the world, almost 3 thousand square meters, signed by Eduardo Kobra, in front of Armazém 3. Still on the subject of Orla Conde, there will be a collaborative intervention by the French artist JR, named ‘Inside Out’: the audience is invited to participate using instant photos that will be printed into paper posters and glued to the floor forming a big mosaic, this will take place during the whole event.

Festival de projeções

The building called A Noite, located in front of Praça Mauá, will be the target of 3D projections, creating optical illusions. Paulinho Sacramento was the brains behind this idea, the creator of the Video Mapping Festival of Rio de Janeiro, a pioneer in the city. No doubt this is going to be a big visual attraction during the shows.