Dulce de leche

Sumptuous desserts to excite your tastebuds

By Rafael Cavalieri

Straight from  Minas Gerais  or  a  bit further  afield from  Argentina  or Uruguay.  Creamy  or  in pieces. Straight up or with  coconut, prunes among other ingredients. Fact is, whichever way you have it, dulce de leche is a no‐brainer when it comes to choosing dessert. It is unlikely to ever not be a favourite ingredient in the restaurant kitchens in Rio; in fact it’s difficult to find a place that doesn’t have  it as an option  among the desserts. Churros, pancakes, tarts,  cakes, there are just so many different ways to enjoy the versatile delight that is dulce de leche.

Mamma Jamma

The  queues  in  the  original  in  Jardim  Botânicjust  as  much  as  in  the  new Barra  branch  demonstrate  the  success  of  this  pizzeria.  Creative  flavours, good ingredients, wood oven baked pizzas are the hallmarks here. And this creativity carries over into the dessert menu. The Delícia Deleite has a crispy pastry coating open in the middle, with a double layer of Argentine dulche de leche, almonds and white belgian chocolate chips (R$29). It is the perfect way to finish.

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  • Address : Rua Saturnino de Brito, 50, Jardim Botânico
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The Bakers

This  traditional  dessert  parlour  is  a  haven  for  those  that  want  to  buy  a delicious tart and celebrate a special date. But if the intention is to grab a quick  dessert,  have  a  seat  at  one  of  the  small  tables  and  ask  for  the traditional  mil  folhas  de  doce  de  leche  (dulce  de  leche  mille‐feuille)  with  glazed almonds (R$9.90).

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  • Address : Rua Santa Clara, 86, Copacabana
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Gula Gula

This chain has become a case study of succes in Rio. There are 16 branches spread throughout the  city  specialising in fresh  salads  and  grilled food  as well as a variety of seasonal options the change daily. In the desert section of  the  menu  are  two  options  featuring  dulce  de  leche  prepared  by  the chain’s head chef Nanda De Lamare. The petit gateau de doce has a creamy centre and comes accompanied by a scoop of tapioca ice cream (R$20). The other delicious option is the charlote de doce de leite, a tart consisting of layers of biscuit and cream topped off with creamy dulce de leche (R$16 a slice or R$120 for the entire tart).

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  • Address : Rua Barão da Torre, 446, Ipanema
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The creative and talented Chef Pedro Siqueira is in command of this lovely restaurant  in  Jardim  Botânico.  Among  the  starters,  his  Pão  com  Ovo  à Carbonara  e  Barriga  de  Porco  is  a  spectacular  take  on  an  Italian  classic. After tackling this and other culinary delights on the menu, be sure to try the  pão  de  mel  (honey  bread)  topped  with  dulce  de  leche  icecream,  chocolate  flakes, cinammon and melted chocolate (R$24). Truly marvellous.

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  • Address : Rua Visconde de Carandaí, 43, Jardim Botânico
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Pobre Juan

It really is impossible to resist the succulent cuts that leave the grill here as it is one of the best steakhouses in the city. But as with any great meal you need a great dessert to finish. And here the traditional churros that are sold on Rio’s street corners have been elevate to another level. They arrive slender and crispy served with a Martini glass filled with Argentine dulce de leche (R$22.90).

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  • Address : Avenida das Américas, 3.900, Barra da Tijuca
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