Discounted Cinemas

Where and when to find the cheapest tickets for picture houses around the city

By Bruna Velon

A trip to the movies has never been so expensive. There’s the getting there, parking, tickets and the cinema snacks that seem to cost an arm and a leg these days. And for those without access to concessions, the hole left in your wallet is even bigger. But there are ways to save when you decide to watch a film on the big screen. Most cinemas  have off‐peak prices on Wednesdays, like Roxy (Copacabana), Cinema Leblon, and Cinemark cinemas (Botafogo, 
Carioca Shopping, Center Shopping Rio, Downtown, Metropolitano Barra and Downtown), 
Cinépolis Lagoon and Cinesytem (Bangu, Recreio and Américas). But we at Top5 have listed best promotions Rio cinemas have to offer.

Cine Odeon

Against the current of other cinemas in the city, this one offers discounts on Saturdays ,Sundays and Public Holidays. The reason for this unusual promotion is that the Odeon is located in the middle of downtown which clears out during weekends without the thousands of workers that are around during workdays. The area would be completely empty were it not for those that go there to enjoy the cultural attractions like the museums, theatres, cinemas and cultural centres. Cinema tickets at Odeon are R$18 on weekends and public holidays.

  • Site:
  • Address : Praça Floriano, 7, Centro
  • Phone : +55 (21) 2240-1093
  • Schedule: Sun 13:30 às 21:30, Mon 13:30 às 21:30, Tue 13:30 às 21:30, Wed 13:30 às 21:30, Thu 13:30 às 21:30, Fri 13:30 às 21:30, Sat 13:30 às 21:30

Cine Museu da República

This little movie theatre, containing just 75 seats, is found inside the old Catete Palace. Mondays and Wednesdays are the cheapest days (R$22). The best thing about this place is that you can combine your cinema trip with a walk through the palace gardens or a visit to the Museu da República, where many important moments in Brazilian political history took place, such as the suicide of infamous Brazilian president Getúlio Vargas in 1954, in his chambers on the 3rd floor of the palace.

  • Site:
  • Address : Rua do Catete, 153, Catete
  • Phone : +55 (21) 98482-7785
  • Schedule: Sun 13:30 às 20:30, Mon 13:30 às 20:30, Tue 13:30 às 20:30, Wed 13:30 às 20:30, Thu 13:30 às 20:30, Fri 13:30 às 20:30, Sat 13:30 às 20:30

Estação NET

This cinema chain offers tickets starting at R$20 every Wednesday and half‐price for up to two tickets for NET customers everyday‐ just a copy of your most recent bill is needed. But for the regular movie‐goers they too can partake in the promotion “Watch 6 films and see the 7th free”, which is valid up to the end of 2016 at branches in Ipanema, Botafogo, BarraPoint mall and Gávea. Free tickets can only be collected at cinema box offices on presentation of the previous 6 tickets.

Espaço Itaú de Cinema

Located on Praia de Botafogo, this cinema offers a 50% discount for those paying with an Itaucard. And for those with a special Itaú Personnalité bankcard, the promotion extends to one guest. On Wednesdays you’ll also find the cheapest tickets.

Kinoplex cinemas

Kinoplex’s branches in Méier, Boulevard Rio, Nova América and West Shopping are where you will find promotions every Monday. Called “2a Irresistível” (Irresistible Mondays), tickets go for R$12 and R$14 for 3D screenings and that is before concessions which are typically half‐price.